Your business needs a Digital Signage Strategy in 2016!

It’s no secret, digital signage is taking over from print and we are starting to see more and more electronic displays in everyday life. Why? Frankly, because it is better! It attracts more attention and holds that attention for longer periods – especially if you’re displaying engaging promotions, information and news. Yep, you guessed it. It probably won’t be long until you walk into your favourite coffee shop to find the printed menus replaced with an interactive screen. This is the digital age after all and not only are we finding more advanced technology but more efficient and visually intriguing ways of displaying things. Whatever your business, I guarantee that a digital display will benefit you and your business in a number of ways – even if its a simple screen that displays what clients you have coming in next into your office!

There are a hundreds of different sectors in which digital displays have already started to emerge. In recent years, Health centres across the UK have started using them. In a recent trip to the doctors I realised just how efficient the interactive displays are. I could check in, find out my visiting doctor and even where I was located without having to talk face-to-face with a human being. Sad some people might say, but the fact is, this is what millennials want. They want information, when they want it and how they want it. This sort of strategy could also be emulated in the retail sector. I’m not saying machines should replace humans entirely, but if all the employees in your favourite shop were busy, how easy would it be to just find out if they have an item in stock through just a few simple clicks? Digital signage is being used in stores across the world and even just a simple changing slideshow can draw a lot more attention than just a simple static poster.

When you think about all the places you see a poster, picture or sign – whether at the bank, at school, in a shop or even at a bus stop – digital and interactive displays will replace these and become a much more efficient method of displaying content. You’re probably thinking that the price to buy a display isn’t worth it compared to how much it costs on paper. But when you think of the ongoing costs such as seasonal displays, print errors, out of stock products etc which all have to be reprinted over every time there is a change, the costs soon start to add up. Compare this with flexibility that digital displays provide. These displays can be changed as many times as you feel necessary – without any further cost implications. This undoubtedly saves time and resources while providing a better quality, more accessible finished product that can be reused over and over again. Ijaz Awan, founder of Mobius Tech, commented that interactive displays is an essential tool for retailers, venues, airports and cities across the world. “In a day and age where attention spans are falling rapidly amongst the younger generation, through the proliferation of social media outlets, its imperative that we provide dynamic, engaging content to attract and hold the attention of our target audiences.”

Your business is not stationary, so your messaging shouldn’t be either. The great thing about digital signage is you are in complete control. You have the ability to show and change relevant information depending on what is best for your own business, not based on meeting print deadlines! You can quickly inform people if you store is closed, if a meeting has been cancelled, or even if you’ve ran out of stock.

Hold on! Before you set off and start buying a Digital Display you might want to take a moment to sit down and come up with a well thought through Digital Signage Strategy. Placement is important. The location of your display needs to be suitable for your target audience. Study your customer/visitor journey and place the screens at the points where you expect them to need guidance/information. Content follows as the second most critical factor to a successful strategy. Your signage needs to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to read but vitally – relevant. It has to provide the precise bit of information that customer needs and more importantly expects…

Interactive displays are changing the way we work and the way we view the world. They can work in any business and can save you and your people a lot of time, effort and money if utilised in the correct way. It is definitely something you should be thinking about within your marketing and retail strategy. Just take a think back to when we actually used to be served by attendants in supermarkets! Who would have imagined that there queue to be served a machine will be 10’s of people long! If you want the early mover advantage, you need to act quickly.


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