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What is Mobius Wayfinding?

Mobius Wayfinding is a way of spatial problem solving. It’s a digital and interactive way of guiding people for commercial and public areas. With Mobius Wayfinding people can view a map of where they are, plan their route and even connect it to their phone to guide them as they go. Great for use in shopping centres, airports, university campuses and office establishments.

It also offers various selections of information as well as spatial, such as parking information, opening times and any notices you wish to display. That’s because with Mobius Wayfinding you have complete control over the content you present.


How can Mobius Wayfinding help you?

Mobius Wayfinding is particularly effective in large environments as we know it can be difficult getting people where they need to be. Mobius Wayfinding is the perfect solution to help you achieve customer satisfaction. We help you digitally direct people in an easy way to the location they need to be at with our interactive displays.

This idea of guiding people isn’t just innovative but also extremely reliable. Mobius displays don’t rely on internet connections and therefore the speed of our screens is exceptional in any area. The presentation of our displays are completely customisable and we can tailor the display to your own specification.


Dynamic Routing

Mobius Wayfinding calculates routes using route markers only in use at the time of accessing. Then our system calculates a new shortest route to the end point. Routing works like an autonavigator, it always finds the best route to the destination.


Multi-Touch Gesturing

Our software and hardware support multitouch gesturing such as zoom, swipe and pan, well known from mobile phones and tablets that customers are familiar with. This makes Mobius Wayfinding a smooth and seamless process for all your clients/visitors.

Easy Adaptation & Language Versions

Our layout and contents are easily adaptable to configure for different languages and other requirements. Simply log into our Mobius Wayfinding CMS to make the changes you require!

First Person Pathways

Mobius Wayfinding allows users, at the touch of a button, to experience the path they are about to take. The map zooms into a First Person 3D representation of the pathway they have opted for.

3D Maps & Animated 3D Objects

Our maps are drawn in full 3D to help the user understand their location in relation to their surroundings. The maps are always automatically orientated according to where the Mobius hardware is positioned. This allows the visitor to form the bigger picture with minimal fuss or disorientation.