Twenty-sixteen or twenty-six screen?

Have you ever been stood at a bus stop, waiting in the cold and thought, ‘where is the bus?’ Or sat in a restaurant waiting to eat your favourite food on the menu and later being told ‘Sorry we’re all out of that’? What about waiting in a never ending queue in your favourite shop just to ask the assistant if an item is in stock? I don’t know about you but I’ve done all of these and I’m here to tell you there is a solution. Interactive displays. I remember when we first got one at school. When I think about it now, I realise how cleverly teachers ‘tricked’ us into learning. Every kid wanted to write the answer on the interactive white board, if only we knew we were being lured into education..!

Interactive displays have been around for a while – but not many have mastered it. When you think about digital signage you probably think about the ones in Times Square, New York or Piccadilly, London – but slowly they have been popping up more and more in smaller retail outlets. I remember when I visited the Trafford Centre in Manchester and was excited to find a new interactive menu displayed outside Wokooshii (Japanese and Korean restaurant). They got it right! Tapping all the buttons to discover the variety of food was fun but it also played videos of the food being served which made me almost die of hunger. The great thing about it was its multi-purpose, not only did it serve as a menu but if not interacted with, it displayed changing posters of the food. It was engaging, colourful and more importantly for them made me more likely to purchase their product!

Ijaz Awan, founder of Mobius Tech believes a digital signage strategy is an absolutely essential for your company to achieve customer satisfaction and drive patient loyalty and retention.“The behaviour of our consumers are changing, so its important our businesses change to reflect this.” Why not display your menu in a visually attractive and captivating way? People are much more likely to stop and read something that’s displayed in an innovative, colourful, eye catching way opposed to reading plain words on a piece of paper.

It seems that people are always talking about how technology takes over our lives for the worse. We spend all day on our phones, texting, tweeting, engaging online – and we describe ourselves as ‘unsociable’ but reality is technology is truly bettering the way we live. Ordering food with a few taps on a screen or finding out if that store has those shoes in the right size saves your consumers the commodity which they value the most – TIME. Not only is this a great way for them to increase footfall but it is also a fantastic way to add further unexpected value to your customers. Being able to go into a shop, tap 2 buttons and know when your favourite pair of heels are next in stock – now that’s creating a special experience which other outlets will struggle to do.


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