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Mobius displays can create attractive and innovative digital menus that will entice your customers and enhance your brand. With our customizability it is easy for us to display whatever you desire and make adjustments whenever you need. We offer complete flexibility with our displays meaning you can promote special offers or notices at certain times making advertisements much simpler. This also means you can display the food you are serving at certain hours and target a specific audience. Operation can be done in-house or remotely. Our displays mean you save the cost of printing over and over to change tiny details, or a food out of stock as this can now all be changed in a few easy steps. Making real time adjustments will allow you to send the right message to your customers but also stay ahead of your competition with this unique technology.

• Promote your menu with eye catching pictures of your food displayed.
• Change prices and the menu remotely and easily.
• Flexibility in changing your display automatically at any time of the day.
• Play eye-catching and mouth-watering videos enticing customers.
• Display nutritional information requirements.
• Decrease your printing costs.
• Automate with interactive kiosks.

Project Details

Date: 12th February 2016

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