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Digital displays are extremely useful in schools, colleges and universities as information is what education revolves around. Mobius signage can easily display information for students such as class times, room scheduling and any changes or announcements. You can easily customise your displays and easily change what they display with our automated timers. Signs, schedules, menus, safety, security and general communication can all be made so much easier with our signage. With Mobius, Wayfinding is a key element for the educational sector. Wayfinding is the solution to guiding students around a campus easily and accurately. The benefits are:

• Wayfinding that efficiently directs students where they need to be.
• Convey information, news and events.
• Instantly communicate emergency messages.
• Provide updates on sporting events or important student deadlines.
• Allow registration for clubs or interactivity that allows students to find any information they may need.

Bennett & Batty
Project Details

Date: 12th February 2016

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