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Banks and Government agencies and institutions can use Mobius displays as cost effective and efficient solution to dealing with an influx of customers and minimal staff. Mobius displays can act as entertainment which deceives wait times, offer services and consistent corporate communications and training. We can update information throughout the day leading to great customer satisfaction as customers can immediately be informed off any closures or notices. Our displays are the perfect way of entertaining, communicating, enticing customers, and differentiating your experience from your competitors.

• Wayfinding for Government institutions to get people where they need to be.
• Raise brand awareness and customer awareness.
• Visually connect with customers by attaining their attention through displaying eye catching posters.
• Flexibility in delivering messages at different branches, different notices and different promotional campaigns.
• Reduces perceived wait time and promotes your brand, products and services
• Allows real time updates, rate changes and messages.

Project Details

Date: 12th February 2016

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