#MobiusMethods: 4 Top Tips for Perfect Placement

Welcome to the first instalment of #MobiusMethods where we will educate SMEs on how best to leverage a Digital Signage Strategy!

There’s plenty of potential to impress both your existing and prospective customers with well placed digital signage. Now anybody can go out and spend some money on some nice shiny Digital Signage devices, but have you thought about the best place to put it? Here are our top 4 tips for how to place your products in the ideal place…

  1. Keep it Comfortable

First up – keep it comfortable! A good rule for placing screens is to have them at eye level or slightly above. No matter how exciting your content is or how big your screen is, nobody wants to be straining their neck trying to read your notices or promotional offers. This is a no-brainer… but needs mentioning!

You also don’t want your visitors straining their eyes! Look at the respective placement of windows and lighting. Glare and reflections would make a display uncomfortable to look at – make your digital signage as assessable as possible, otherwise you risk losing a potential lead or WOW moment.

  1. Accessibility is Key

Yup, this is very important if you have an interactive device. If you want to encourage interaction with your screens, don’t put them in awkward to reach places. Remember that customers may be stood using the screen for a while, so don’t place it where the user would be in the way of others. You may deter both the user and passersby.

Are you missing anybody out? Try to make your digital experience accessible for everyone. Interactive displays offer a unique, personal experience that all should have the opportunity to use. Be considerate, place some screens or controls at lower levels for children, shorter people and wheelchair users.

Consider this… your ideal customer has arrived with their two children. Knowing how much attention will be focused on the children you have pre-empted this and added an interactive game to entertain them. Now your ideal customer has all the time in the world to focus on what really matters… your products!

  1. Target the Traffic

Be strategic! Think about where your target audience congregates? In a huge retail centre you could consider placing a digital sign at the top or bottom of an escalator, for example. Wherever your masses gather you should be providing them with relevant contextual material. Its not just about content – its context! Timing is key. People need the information they need, WHEN they need it.

  1. Tailor to Your Space

Last but not least – all products are not made equally! Think about utilising the areas you have available with the appropriate signage. If you don’t have window space, there is no point having a display which is primarily for window spaces. If you have a seated area why not use a TouchTable? If you have a large wall space make the most of it with a video wall. This makes your digital strategy blend seamlessly into your customer journey. It does not make sense to add a new touchpoint to your customer journey, instead merge your strategy into the existing experience.

Keen to know more? Get in touch! One of our experts will be more than happy to advise you on how best to architect your digital signage strategy.


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