Engaging the Sophisticated Consumer of Today!

As much as you might wish it was, yours is not the only business offering consumers the services you provide. To be the one they choose over all the others, you need to differentiate to catch their attention from the outset. You need to cater to their needs and answer all their questions quickly, because in an age where the internet means almost anything can be done with just a few clicks, they expect immediate results. You want loyalty from your customers, so you need to impress and provide so they’ll stick around. The solution is something which has been around for a while in big, multi-chain companies but nobody has made this technology accessible for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Does your company have a digital signage strategy? If not, it definitely should. Digital signage opens up a world of possibilities for colourful, engaging displays. Signs and posters don’t catch your eye in the same way as a digital display. 63% of consumers report that digital signage attracts their attention more so than a static poster. And… Wait a minute… I’m sure there was a different image on that screen just a moment ago? Unlike anything on paper, digital displays allow you to showcase multiple products, offers, websites, blogs, or anything else you can think of. You can incorporate videos and music to enhance and engage. You can advertise, direct and educate. With so much going on it would be hard not to want to interact with the display and therefore discover what the company has to offer.

There is huge scope for developing your customer journey; with touch screen technology and the ability for customers’ mobile devices to connect to the display. Wayfinding technology for example is used to direct customers straight to your door. Give them the opportunity to quickly check if what they’re after is in stock. I always vow to order online if what I’m after isn’t in store, but I guarantee I’ll forget. I’d be more likely to buy if I could order it right there and then, on a digital display. Allow customers to sign themselves up or book themselves in, reducing waiting time and increasing customer satisfaction. The time they spend in your store is gold dust, so if they do have to wait give them something innovative, interesting and engaging to look at to make it less tedious.

A study has shown that digital signage can reduce perceived wait-time by up to 35%! Personally I think digital displays would be great in restaurants. On multiple occasions I’ve placed a ‘panic order’ – the waiter is hovering over you and informs you they’ve run out of what you’re trying to order. Now the pressure is on. Other customers are waiting to place their order, and the waiter is standing over you as your eyes scan the menu frantically for a viable alternative. You blurt out an order; which ends up being something you don’t overly enjoy. The disappointing meal and embarrassment could have been avoided if they could display real time updates on what was out of stock.

I’m sure you’re wondering whether the return on investment is great enough for your businesses, considering the price of getting a few posters printed on paper. But think about the recurring cost of reprinting posters to keep them up to date. And then there’s the print time, and the extra time and money wasted in the event of an error. After all, we all make mistakes. With a digital display none of that matters. You can change what is on that screen as many times as you want, instantly, from wherever you are.

Digital signage has the potential to change the way your customers see your business. And being one of the most rapidly growing marketing and communications mediums in the world, it is a concept you are not going to want to miss out on. Be ahead of the curve. “Every day we’re saying, ‘How can we keep this customer happy?’ How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this, because if we don’t, somebody else will.” Whatever your business may be, I can guarantee there is a place to integrate digital signage to improve your customer experience…

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